Let's Eat

"Time to eat at home" 

Thanks for visiting, I have been cooking for 30+ years and have a current Food Safe Certificate 

Services that a personal cook can offer:
  • Make delicious healthy meals in your home or mine that you will look forward to eating 
  • Customize menus specifically for you and your family
  • Cook meals that are preservative-free
  • Perhaps you have a Special Diet that needs a lot of planning ?
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Buy the freshest ingredients available
  • Take into account any dietary restrictions
  • Leave your kitchen sparkling clean

Clients who hire a personal cook generally don't have the time or ability to cook for themselves but have the resources to hire someone else to do it for them. Some clients are too busy with their work or family while others may just want to free up time so they can do the things they enjoy more than grocery shopping and cooking in the kitchen. Other clients might simply be tired of restaurant or take-out food and some may not know how to cook and have no desire to learn